Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Antiques led to ART

A couple of months ago I was in an antique shop
looking for old foreign language books for my collages
when i found a wonderful old metal frame from the 1920's.
Because the price was right I thought of
reusing this to frame a piece of my art.
Then came the real discovery.... 
an old copy, (from my research I learned it was
published in 1880) of Jane Austin's
Sense and Sensibility & Persuasion
both novels in the same book!
What a lovely book! I tried reading it however 
the pages are so old, darkened and brittle
they break even just turning them; making them
perfect for art work... i won't feel guilty in using the pages!

The idea began to form of
utilizing the frame and using the brittle pages
 by painting a woman on a page & 
placing her in the antique frame.

 Then my order of lino blocks arrived &
 suddenly the "painting" flew by the wayside
and I knew  carving her was what I wanted.

my drawing:

the first test print:
as you can see i have to remove her "beard" :)
and those eyelashes are too chunky so they need to be trimmed!

and here's the final clean-up

and now all that's left to do is to 
place her into the frame.


  1. Cool Diane....gosh, hope that Jane Austin book was not worth lots of money (lol) I have been framing my photos of my flowers from my garden and putting them on Etsy...but alas, no sales.

    1. hi Louise! Oh no from what i was able to learn, the old sears catalog sold these books. It would have been worth quite a bit but the condition is horrible. It was supposed to be illustrated but alas someone had torn out all of the illustrations except for one so it's just perfect for my purposes.

      I went to your shop and your matted flowers are beautiful!!!! :)

  2. Diane what a great find! The book cover itself is quite beautiful as is your female.

  3. I like the face and I enjoyed viewing you posts!
    I am now a follower!

  4. I like your print and admire your courage to used such a rare book as a substrate. I always shiver when I use book pages. Happy New year!

  5. What a find!!!!! Great post I loved all the photo of the book and it is great to see you are breathing new life into the pages. PS. I adore your lino print.

    1. What a lovely blog you have! Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

  6. loved hearing your journey from store to finished carving-lovely

  7. Thank you for sharing this. I also have a hard time using old rare books. I love your carved stamp. I use CitraSolv to make transfers on the pages.

  8. So COOL! love the use of a recycled item.


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